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About Me


My name is Miša, and I started Miskabags after my hand-painted tote bags with sarcastic messages became a huge hit among my friends and that is why I decided to show them to the rest of the world. I started only with hand-painted tote bags but soon after introduced also other products, such as cotton pouches, tea towels, pillowcases, and eco-bags. The core idea behind Miskabags is high-quality items that are a great alternative to single-use products that we throw away on a daily basis.

I have always been very creative and I have only recently found my passion for graphic design, which I see as a great skill for managing social media accounts and making more creative designs for my products.

All of my products are carefully hand-painted on high-quality organic and fairtrade cotton with permanent colours that are washable. That is why each of my creations is completely unique and one of a kind.

Watching my business grow and forming a nice community around it made me realise that I am doing something right and can't wait to show you my next plans and products.

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