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Social Media Manager - Working in an AD Agency or In-House?

I am currently actively searching for a job in Social Media Management or something similar to my specialisation in marketing and after already having 6 years of experience in social media related positions I realised companies have no idea what a social media manager even is or what is it expected a person in that role should be doing.

If we go to the basics of what is the primary role of a Social Media Manager, I have prepared a short list from my experience working at an advertising agency and a digital marketing agency. My role in both agencies was as a Social Media Manager and my tasks were managing from 5 to 7 social media accounts. Let's do a little list of my responsibilities as a Social Media Manager in an agency.

Creating Monthly Social Media Strategy

I was responsible to create a strategy on what are we going to post on a certain social media platform for a specific brand one month upfront. Social media strategies consist of ideas for visuals, copy, and hashtag strategy, but also competition analysis, and customer journey mapping. For example, if I would need to create a strategy for the month of February, I would have to create it in the first half of January in order to have enough time to send it to a client for review and get feedback on time before February starts.

Working Closely With the Design Team

Once the strategy is approved it is sent to the Design Team. A graphic designer then creates the visuals that you have in mind and sends them to you in a review again. Once they get a green light you can start scheduling the posts for the month of February.

Managing Social Media Accounts

This means posting already prepared and approved posts and replying to comments under them, answering DMs, engaging with followers, and communicating with influencers that would be relevant to the brand.