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My top video editing apps for TikTok and Instagram Reels

As you have probably noticed most social media platforms started pushing forward video content by encouraging their users to upload more video than static content, giving it even more exposure.

A New Instagram feature called Reels and TikTok videos are all limited in time. This means that you need to do an interesting, educational, funny video and pack it up in less than 30 seconds long video. And the algorithms even favor videos that are 15 seconds long or less. This sounds quite an impossible task, right?

I thought the same, but it is actually not that hard. You need to decide about the topic of the video, film it and edit it. Here come the editing apps to the rescue. My favourite two video editing apps are InShot and CapCut. Both of them are free to use, except with InShot you need to pay a subscription if you want to use some special features. I paid a yearly subscription of 20 euros I think, so you can't really get bankrupt from it.

Both of the applications are easy to use and actually are very similar, there are only some differences in the effects they offer and text options.

Learn how to make your next viral Reel in this video:

You can download InShot here:

Become CapCut master in only 8 min:

Download CapCut here:

Here you can check a list of other 20 must-have video editing apps for 2020:

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