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Why are Social Media Managers treated as Trash?

I recently stumbled upon a post on LinkedIn that made me realise how underrated is the profession of a Social Media Manager and how everyone has an idea that they don't need one because even an Office Manager or an HR can post some stuff on Instagram and they are good to go.

Let me break it to you, you are so not good to go.

The role of a Social Media Manager has always been looked down to and I started referring myself to working in Marketing instead of actually saying that I am a Social Media Manger as I thought people will not take me seriously.

The idea that everyone can be a Social Media Manager has to stop.

Marketing campaign for Aldi with Tinder Swindler
A post by Because of Marketing on LinkedIn showing a marketing camoaign for ALDI UK

This right here is the reason why people in Marketing and Social Media Marketing should be paid more and taken more seriously.

While I have heard so many people bragging lately that they have only watched 10 movies in the last year because they are so busy they just can't find one to two hours in a day or a week to see a series or a movie.

Not only that Social Media is one of the fastest-changing sectors out there, we need to be not only following the algorithm trends 24/7 but also pop culture trends, TikTok trends, best marketing moves from other brands, and so on. And we still feel behind most of the time. Like, why haven't I thought of that?

Yeah, so next to the fact that Meta is currently thinking of leaving Europe I also know that Rihanna is pregnant, Euphoria's latest episode was mental and the war between Russia and Ukraine is escalating. And about most of these, I have probably read or heard out of the working hours.

Without the knowledge about what is currently happening in the world, trivial or not trivial, this kind of reactive marketing in the photo above is not possible.

Social media management is not only posting pretty pictures and it hasn't been for a long time. Brands need to be responsive and personal, educational and entertaining. And obviously to some companies that are searching for a Social Media Manager it might seem like 1 hour of light research on the internet that even an HR can do but in reality, it is years of learning and most importantly observing.

So next time companies are investing in a Social Media Manager/Strategist roles, I would really like them to think what this person will bring to the table and compensate them accordingly.

What are your thoughts on Social Media positions and their salaries? Do you still think that Social Media Managers are not seen as a real profession?

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